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  Captain Josephus C. Tyson was born in Georgia in 1833. He was an early pioneer of Miller County, Arkansas, where he settled as a young man to become a prosperous farmer. In 1861, shortly after his marriage to Sarah “Sallie” Mays, Arkansas seceded from the Union and joined with the Confederate States of America. Joseph Tyson led a group of seventy-three local men across the state of Arkansas to southern Missouri, where they were sworn into the Confederacy. There, on august 17th, 1861 they were assigned as Company D of the 4th Arkansas infantry, also known as the “Bright Star Rifles”, with Josephus Tyson elected as captain. 

   Captain Joe served his Company during many battles and skirmishes, including the largest civil war engagement west of the Mississippi river know as the Battle of Pea Ridge. In a letter to General D.H. Maury from Colonel McNair describing the battle, McNair states he observed many noble and brave men whose actions he had noted. 

   One man he observed was Captain Josephus C. Tyson who charged the enemy’s battery at the cannons mouth and upon leading his men, fell severely wounded in both legs a few paces from the cannon. After two years of fighting, the fourth Arkansas infantry consolidated with other forces, where Captain Joe enlisted with Crawford’s First Arkansas Calvary. There he was elected third lieutenant. After many more engagements, Captain Joe returned home at the end of the war to his family and farm near Bright Star, Arkansas. He spent the remainder of his life as a farmer, a father of five, and a dignified man of the community. 

   He was a member of the Olive Branch Masonic Lodge, a public notary, a state representative for Miller County from 1879 to 1883, and a Methodist minister. Josephus C. Tyson passed away February 20th of 1889 and was laid to rest in Sulphur Fork Cemetery in Miller County, Arkansas.

    Captain Josephus C. Tyson

Captain Joe Band

Captain joe band is named after a great family ancestor. We love to play music and have a good time. Over the past few years, we have designed our own style and arrangements of some of the most famous southern rock and country songs to ever be recorded. We play the favorites like, lynard skynard, marshall tucker band, creedence clearwater, charlie daniels, and of course hank jr. And added 6 original songs to get crowd response.


                Captain Joe Band


Wade Tyson - Lead Singer/Rhythm Guitar

Wade grew up singing and playing with an ultra talented family; including his Father, Mother, Brother, Uncle, Cousins, Nephews and Daughter.  The catalog of songs he leads the band with is as versatile as it is deep. With Wades Leadership we do not have a set list as he directs us based on crowd response. No two shows are the same.

Rick Hagler - Bass/Vocals

Rick is another stage veteran having played in many great bands around the Ark-La-Tex; as well as he was part of Percy Sledge’s Touring Band – The Aces for over 20 years.

David (Catfish) Tyson - Lead Guitar, Bass, Drums, and Key Emeritus: Catfish has entered into college to prepare himself as a Studio Sound Engineer as well as producer and joins us on stage when he comes home to see family. David is a true example of a Musical Prodigy.

Gary Paul Bertran – Lead Guitar/Vocals

Gary has played in great bands around the Ark-La-Tex since his teens.  His incredible playing & stage presence give us a truly unique sound. Gary Paul also plays with the Shreveport Based Bayou Boogie Band.

Casey Pickney – Sound Engineer/Mgr/Booking

Casey is a longtime singer/songwriter that truly enjoys running the sound, constantly striving to hit that ‘sonic sweet spot’ in the mix.  He also handles all bookings and promoting for the band and truly loves interacting with our fans and venues.

Glen Parson - Production Setup

Glen is our 'Mr. Can Do' and makes sure that the shows run smoothly.  He makes sure the equipment stays in tip top shape.  He and his wife Sharon were religious followers of the band for years and he has now become part of our family.

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